Coronavirus Revi Fund

Support for the ReVi families in need during Coronavirus in Turkey.

Hello friends:

Things in Turkey, like everywhere, is not good. Thankfully we have NOT had any known cases of Coronavirus among our families, teachers in Turkey. We have closed the schools about a month ago. Our teachers continue to be in touch with some of the students via WhatsApp.

We have also stopped the bracelets and knitting. We make them when we get orders, but we haven't received many in the last few months.

As you can imagine, the families are in need. We're in touch with a lot of them and trying to figure out ways to help them. We're not 100% sure how we will help yet. We're considering the following options:

1) Give them some cash. Whatever that we can raise.

2) Have volunteers buy some products and bring to some families, so that they don't need to go out. However, that's tricky for us to ask anyone to potentially be exposed to Coronavirus.

3) Order some food in bulk and have the shop deliver them to our centers and schedule with the families to come one-by-one at different times to pick up whatever they need.

So, we'll talk to other friends and decide on the best approach, but all will depend on how much money that we can raise.

We'll keep you all update via our FB group:

Thank you for your support. Please share! :)

$725.00 raised

$5,000.00 needed.