Welcome to the ReVi Family!

Thank you for your interest in joining us in Izmir.

We're a group of Syrian, Turkish and international volunteers with the goal to help the refugees with sustainable job opportunities and solutions. We're currently working with families in Izmir (Turkey) who plan to stay in Turkey.

We started our activities in January 2016 and we now run daily activities in the Basmane / Kadifekale / Ikicesmelik areas of Izmir.

We work with these families in the long-term, so it's important that they know our group. That's why we ask that all volunteers commit to a minimum of one week volunteering with ReVi.

If you do live in Izmir, you're welcome to join us part-time.

We have had volunteers from all over the world. And everyone is welcome to join us.

Before you come to Izmir, please consider running a personal fundraising with your friends so you can help the families that you meet when you get here.

You can create a simple fundraising page with ReVi directly. (More information on how to do it after you sign up.)

We DO NOT allow photos or interviews with the families. Please respect that. No journalists, no filmmakers, no researchers, etc. are allowed to join our family visits.

We ask that all volunteers respect that and be vigilant of other people trying to do it. This will hurt the trust of the families and everything that we're trying to do here. It's very important.

If you're a journalist and would like to interview us, please feel free to send us an email.

Make sure you're following our activities on Facebook!

ReVi FB Page

A snapshot of everything that we do. We post one picture every day of one of our activities on that day.

ReVi FB Group

That's where we communicate about our plans and more details about our activities.

ReVi FB Info Point Group

Where volunteers can share ideas and questions to other volunteers.

Ready to join us? Click to complete your application below and we'll send you more information.

Please note that ALL ACTIVITIES will be off during Jun 16 - Jul 3 AND during Aug 25 - Sept 11. Please keep this in mind when making your flight arrangements. The Schools will be OFF and all of the Arabic speakers will also be taken some much needed time OFF. There will be no family visiting or any activities planned for these days.
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