We're a group of Syrian, Turkish and international volunteers helping families through job opportunities, education and emergency aid in Izmir, Turkey.

We usually start our week by visiting new families. These are not necessarily new families in Turkey, but new families for us. They're usually referred to us by other families. In some cases they approach us on the street as we're visiting other families.

The first visit is to get to know the family: where they're from, how long they have been in Turkey, any kind of skills or interests that they have. See if anybody is working in he family and if he children are attending school, or if they have any medical condition that requires our help.

We're currently supporting 494 families.

A couple of days later, we re-visit the new families to bring some help. The help varies by family needs: mattresses, baby food, working materials, or some monetary assistance.

We continue to visit and in contact with the families to try to find a way to help them based on their skills and interests.

We run two kindergarten schools for 120+ children. We have hired five Syrian teachers from the community and we have classes Monday - Friday. We teach Arabic, Math, Arts, Dance and plenty of play time.

The teachers work closely with the families of the children older than seven to get them registered into a Turkish School.

We also have a program to get children from work back to school. We have 66 families with at least one child working. You can help us by sponsoring a child.

We support 9 families through knitting. They make amazing products and we purchase them every week. They're all for sale at our ReVi Store. Please consider buying something today :)

We support 3 families through our bracelets program. Every 20 bracelets sold is enough to pay for a family's monthly rent. So, it's a much needed relief to each of these families. The bracelets are also up for sale at our ReVi Store. Order some for your friends!

We organize outdoor activities with our families and children from our school on a regular basis.

The children play. The parents socialize with each other and with our volunteers. One big happy family and diverse community.

Every Sunday we visit one or more families for dinner. It's a program that we started in February to help some families financially, but it quickly became a social activity. We're their friends coming over for dinner. More than 96 delicious and fun evenings so far.

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We welcome volunteers! If you're interested in joining us in Izmir, please click below to read additional information and to send your application.

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